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The Cogent Solutions Team

We've assembled a crack team of business and engineering experts to make your business hum

R. Antonio (Ulan) Nivera, President

Mr. Nivera has over 29 years of information systems experience with an emphasis on applied business systems. During his 10 years at Apple Computer, Mr. Nivera was involved in numerous business areas including distribution, service manufacturing, and logistics. Also, Mr. Nivera was deeply involved in the implementation of many of Apple’s advanced systems leading to the eventual management of the Data Center at Apple’s Campbell Service Operations facility. At Cadence Design Systems, he was responsible for the consolidation of operational systems immediately following the Cadence & Valid Logic merger. Mr. Nivera was also instrumental in the launch of the QuickSilver Group, a consulting start-up specializing in the installation and deployment of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems where he recruited and trained the first technical resources and established several of the operational processes & methodologies. Mr. Nivera founded Cogent Solutions in 1996. The company specializes in implementing information technology solutions for small to medium sized enterprises with a focus infrastructure, application deployment and support. Mr. Nivera holds a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University East Bay (formerly Hayward) and an M.S. in Systems Management from the University of Southern California.

Mr. Nivera is passionate about having technology be an enabling tool for businesses to do what they do best.

Tina Quema, Operations & Support

Ms. Quema has over 15 years experience in creating teams, empowering and supporting people. Her experiences are inside of international staffing, recruiting and human resources for technology and staffing companies in the Bay area. She has executed and designed operational strategies and procedures in off-shore staffing. She has managed and led groups for Medliant and International Consulting Resources Group. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Assumption College.

Ms. Quema also has extensive experience in the operations and management of international travel.

Ms. Quema’s passion is supporting and serving people. She is committed to leaving people with the experience of being served and honored.

Trevor Nguyen, Marketing Consultant

Mr. Nguyen has over 10 years in experience in marketing strategy, product development, sales operations, growth, youth and emerging markets creating over a billion dollars in revenue. At AT&T Mr. Nguyen led strategic sales and marketing groups in the ideation, development, partnership and product launch of the AT&T Yahoo! FreedomLink Wi-Fi Services and Wireless Mobility Markets Internationally. At FedEx Mr. Nguyen led the strategic product development and marketing strategy of RFID, Geo-Fencing and GPRS Tracking Solutions focused on providing customers with true visibility and data logic for optimized logistical operation. Mr. Nguyen holds a B.B.A. in Marketing and International business from the University of Cincinnati.

Mr. Nguyen is passionate about empowering business to ignite imagination and creativity into their business models for the growth of their business.

Steven Vu, IT Consultant

Mr. Vu has over 15 years experience in System Integration, Telecommunication System Test, Network & Security Management, Interfaces & Peripheral Devices Test, Wireless Security and Storage devices, SAN, RAID Systems.His IT experience is varied, extensive, and he has a solid reputation as a superb IT consultant who consistently leaves his customer surprised and delighted by the quality of his service.

He has led key strategic product and support teams at Tandem Computers, Compaq and Hewlett Packard.Mr Vu has an exceptional service record and recognized for his contributions and accomplishments.

Mr. Vu holds a bachelors of science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Oregon State University.

Mary Tobias, IT Software Consultant

Ms. Tobias has enjoyed an extremely diverse career in High Tech. Starting as an electronics and electrical engineer working on analog and digital systems, she’s worked with industrial applications as diverse as Gas Flow Control, Heating and HVAC, and industrial engines with AC and DC motors rated up to 2000 Amp, at 480 VAC three phase.

Working at companies like Epson America, Borland (Ashton Tate), NEC, Verity, Interwoven, and Broadcom (Silicon Spice) she migrated to working with software and computer systems and has over 20 years of experience in high level technical support, SQA, Systems/Network Administrations, Database Applications, and software development. Currently her focus is on IT and web resource engineering.

Ms. Tobias’ varied interests include digital artistry, photography, amateur scientific research, futurist/extropian philosophy, writing and is a student of breakthrough education and learning.

Casey Scherm, IT Consultant

Mr. Scherm has spent over 30 years working in technology. He has extensive experience in Systems Engineering and Product Management. Mr. Scherm also has led teams in managed Systems Engineering, Customer Service, Professional Services organizations and Manufacturing Operations. Mr. Scherm has worked for some of the top technology companies in the bay such Oracle, Sun, VERITAS. He also has worked with start-ups such as Documentum, Plumtree Software and OpenVision Technologies.

Mr. Scherm has a BA in Computer Science and Math from Hunter College. He has lived in the Bay Area for 20 years with his wife and two children. Mr. Scherm is an active man who enjoys snow skiing and martial arts, and he has a passion for Asian Culture.

Currently Mr. Scherm is on loan to us from Oracle, and provides engineering support when time permits.

Our team brings an incredibly diverse group of engineering professionals together. We have expertise in office automation from the cable up. We are skilled and capable with installing, using, maintaining and upgrading Apple, Windows and Linux network systems and we can provide a wide variety of services tailored specifically to your office needs.

We are a one stop shop for modern Information Technology. We are the right team, the right fit and the right price, right now. We say Cogent Solutions makes your business flow like water. Talk to us and see what we can do for you business.