Network Design & Install

Your network is crowded with so many different devices today, PCs, laptops, pads, smart phones… how do you keep it all connected and communicating without security disasters? Talk with us

If you have more than two users in an office today, you almost certainly need to manage your PCs on a local network. It goes without saying that the office user today needs access to email, the web, and perhaps as many as a dozen network based services and applications to accomplish their job.

Whatever network resources you already have or don’t have, we can sit down with you, and design a system that fits your needs. Help you get the best equipment for the lowest prices and install it all for you. We can then get you connected and train your users to get the most out of their new network connectivity.

Finally we can monitor your network for security and ensure that your information and services are safe from intrusion.

We can provide you with complete network services from soup to nuts, all at a price that will pleasantly surprise you. Give us a call if you need to upgrade your existing network or create a new one from scratch.