Monitored Support & Services

How much might 24/7 Monitored Service for your IT resources cost? Less than you might think.

Does your office automation keep you up late at night? Are you worried about the cost of having expensive professional IT personnel charging you by the hour to provide Monitored Service or worse, work on broken computer hardware? Relax! For pennies worth of prevention, we can reliably manage all of your networked devices, and in the end save you the need for dollars worth of cure.

Cogent Solutions Proactive Monitored Service provides affordable IT management and support services for organizations who want to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently.  Through our unique framework, we offer our clients a wide range of proactive services from help-desk support to virtual CIO consulting to providing online “brown bag” trainings when needed.

It is our commitment that you have everything you need to focus on your core business needs.  We fulfill on this commitment by being equipped to provide custom long term solutions to accommodate each of your users.  Due to their training and expertise in the field, our engineers and account managers are able to quickly evaluate the current technologies you use and make recommendations that optimize your business performance and fulfill your business strategies. Cogent Solutions Monitored Service is just one more way we can provide you with relief from the concerns and worries that might keep you up.