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About Cogent Solutions

Welcome to Cogent Solutions, we're committed to having your business flow like water.

Cogent Solutions’ mission is to have your company’s business flow like water. Our point of view on this matter is simple. Your company wants to thrive and work flawlessly like water flowing down a river, so our stand is for you never to see us unless you want to enhance your business with effective technology. In short, whatever IT Solutions your business needs, we’re here to provide them.

Our goal is to do impeccable work the first time and build solutions that make the most sense with how you do business while supporting you to reach your long-term goals. We are a “hands on” company and realize that the best way to serve our clients is to take the time to ask question, listen, and then provide a comprehensive solution which thoroughly meets your needs

About Cogent Solutions

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cogent Solutions was created from the recognition that businesses could deeply benefit from working with an IT Solutions company that took a genuine interest in helping businesses run smoother and more efficiently while saving money in the long run. Through Cogent Solutions’ consultative approach, the aim was simple:

Having your business flow like water

Every business is unique, but most business processes aren’t

Having worked with scores of businesses in the past decade, we have found that the sole priority for business owners is running their businesses in the most optimal ways possible. In doing so, having an IT partner that takes the time to understand your business processes, looks at your long-term goals, and provides solutions to everyday problems, ensuring that your resources are optimally utilized is critical. At Cogent Solutions we take the complication out of technology and translate the language of technology into ways that everyone can understand.

We work together with businesses, to identify their long-term goals, uncover their pain points, and make recommendations on which technology solution can best meet their needs. From investigation to implementation, from complication to simplicity, we empower you and your personnel to have your business flow like water. Here what some of our clients have to say:

Cogent Solutions is a full-service information technology company committed to delivering quality support services and products on time and within budget. . Our software support services range from developing single-user applications to designing and implementing enterprise-wide distributed information systems, with appropriate emphasis on selecting and integrating commercial off-the-shelf products.

Our technical support services are available 24 hrs. /day, 7 days a week. Our network support services include the design, implementation and ongoing support of networks that evolve in concert with changes in your business.

Our Core Competencies include:

  • Monitored IT Support Services
  • Legacy Hardware Reconstruction & Upgrade
  • Systems Integration
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Custom System Design

Call today to see how we can support you!

Who Does Cogent Solutions serve?

Cogent Solutions serves all kinds of businesses. We have customers representing almost every sector including industrial, service, medical and legal. We focus primarily on small to medium sized companies for which having a full dedicated IT department isn’t feasible.

We create unique IT solutions, custom fit to the needs of the specific enterprise. We offer a wide selection of services designed to allow our customers to find their “Sweet Spot”  We create tailored solutions for each company meeting their technical needs, scale, and budget.

Cogent Solutions serves individuals and large corporations who want to have technology at the forefront of growing their business in their respective fields. We provide a one stop solution for all your technology needs.

Why Choose Cogent Solutions?


By taking the time to listen to your short-term business challenges and long-term organization goals, our team guarantees to provide the best custom IT solution to ensure that your needs are met and your people are trained. Once a solution is implemented we periodically check in with our clients to make sure that things continue to run smoothly.


Our team has built a superior reputation in the Silicon Valley as IT experts devoted to staying at the cutting edge of technology across industries. Cogent Solutions engineers and professionals collectively garner over 50 years of experience having worked with industry giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Palm, and many others.


We keep things simple! From our approach of asking some simple questions to pin point what’s the heart of your business challenge, we provide technology solutions in a way that everyone can understand. This is especially important when it comes to training our clients on new platforms.

Having an IT Solutions company that genuinely cares of about each aspect of your business and consistently available for support is critical in ensuring that your business flows like water.

How much does it cost for Cogent Services?

The common thought with IT Consulting is that it’s going to be expensive. We educate our customers and give a fair assessment of the cost and let our customer’s choose. We work with our potential and current customers in making things work through conversations. We are also technology and software agnostic, meaning we don’t push products. Our model is focused on doing due diligence in providing the best class of services and technology to create optimum results for our customers.

This translates into affordable solutions, no mysteries or surprises, and a clear idea of the cost up front. A price designed from the start to fit your budget.

Cogent Solutions has been providing exceptional IT Service for nearly 20 years. Our founder Ulan Nivera founded the company in 1995 and from its first day, its goal has been to empower our customer’s success by providing them with rock solid Information Technology.

If your business infrastructure is solid, you have a reliable base upon which to build your company and its services. We make certain that base is solid, reliable, and well maintained.

We do that, and at the same time pay attention to the needs and concerns of all small to medium business. We watch the bottom line to make certain you get real value, and we right-size service to accommodate our customer’s budgets.