Select from a growing list of resources to empower you business

We are a service company. We live and grow only by your satisfaction. To that end we’ve looked at both the broad selection of IT services we provide (and we hope you find us a complete resource for all your Information Technology needs.)

And we’ve worked hard to provide a solid collection of online interactive resources. Our service support falls into three broad categories:

1. New or ongoing support related to specific service issue, associated with a support ticket. Whether you need break-fix support or need phone support with medical software, log a ticket and we’ll schedule your support and make certain your issue gets addressed in a timely fashion. This let’s you plan around your schedule and ours.

2. Operational information and requests in the form of Contact Us. Emergencies, urgent requests, critical information, of just vital information about Cogent Solutions and its services. These are all things that are best done through our Contact Us page.

3. Technical Information and requests, in the form of FAQs, White Papers, and Technical Documents for download. We have a technical Blog, we will be loading online trainings. Basically, we can provide a wide selection of educational materials for our customers and ensure that you have what information you need when you need it.

We also provide training upon request. For questions about any of our products or services, please contact us.